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Love Me Love Me Not (2013)


A drop of blood falls towards a pool of milk. On impact, the drop ruptures and penetrates the pure white surface, triggering a reaction. The blood and milk begin to interact and pull each other apart. The process is slow and almost seamless. The drop of blood gradually expands from its dark, almost black, puncture hole, growing in symmetrical patterns that are reminiscent of cosmic mandalas or microscopic flowers. As the blood expands it blends with the milk and the deep reds gradually become lighter and paler, almost disappearing towards the outer rim of the emerging patterns.


These “blood mandalas” are seductive and deceptive, visceral and emblematic. Photographed

at a very high resolution and printed to large scale they become imposing and physical, at the same time seductive and repulsive, vital and deadly.


Symbolically, blood and milk are deeply connected and highly charged. In Jewish tradition they are prohibited from being mixed together since it is unethical to "boil a kid in its mother's milk".

In this body of work the scientific and the symbolic are fused together creating evocativeimagery, which is both culturally emotive and formally seductive.

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